Our work aims to engage young Jews with Jewish values, promote a culture of service, connect young people with Israel and welcome all who seek to lead actively Jewish lives.

The cycle begins with increasing numbers of young Jews participating in meaningful, relevant Jewish experiences that strengthen their ties to their Jewish identities and communities. As they become more deeply involved, they take ownership for creating compelling experiences that will attract their peers. Ultimately, they assume leadership roles in their communities, helping to shape and perpetuate a Jewish ecosystem equipped to engage future generations.

We have developed two interdependent strategies to help us activate this cycle together with our partners.

First, we use our grantmaking to support pluralistic organizations that directly engage large numbers of young Jews from teens to young adults.

We focus on these years because they encompass critical life stages when people begin to assume increasing ownership over their identities. Our support is targeted toward organizations that have a global reach with strong community-based components as well as those that build capacity in the fields of service, inclusivity and Israel advocacy. Additionally, our grantmaking supports a deliberate pipeline of engagement in which individual Jewish journeys are nurtured from high school through college and into young adulthood. Meet our partners.

Second, we operate proprietary programs that invest in building the capacity of individuals who demonstrate significant leadership potential.

These programs target a specific subset of the young Jewish population, ranging from those who are deeply connected to those who are relatively unengaged. We provide participants with a suite of opportunities for learning, skills-building, professional development and networking, with a particular focus on both entrepreneurs and those who are creating change from within organizations. Learn more about our programs and initiatives.

Together, our dual grantmaking and programming strategies seek to engage as many young Jews as possible and build a pipeline of talent prepared to take the reins of leadership in their communities. They are designed to foster connections between people and organizations with complimentary interests, creating formal and informal networks that spark innovation, collaboration and empowered leadership. Learn more about our work in leadership development.

Central to this virtuous cycle is building a continuum of Jewish experiences and opportunities that empower young Jews to build inclusive Jewish communities, help to repair the world and connect to the State of Israel. Learn more about our work in Inclusivity and in Service.

In particular, many of our investments seek to ensure Israel’s central role in the Jewish narrative by expanding opportunities for young people to engage with and explore modern Israel, its rich history, diverse society and fertile cultural landscape.

Ensuring an enduring connection between young Jews and the State of Israel is intimately tied to our broader investments in strengthening the social fabric of Israeli society, including working toward the renewal of Jerusalem as her modern, open capital. Learn more about our work in Israel.

Our work fits with a range of peers and partners who use different strategic approaches to make vital contributions toward shaping a strong Jewish future. Together, we hope to achieve our shared vision of a diverse, dynamic Jewish people deeply connected to a strong State of Israel and committed to making the world a better place.

Due to the increasingly strategic and focused nature of our grantmaking, we are not currently accepting unsolicited requests or proposals for funding. We work continuously to identify potential grant applicants through due diligence procedures and will request proposals from a limited number of organizations that fall within our current areas of interest.

Learn more about our approach to grantmaking